Greenman’s UFC 141 Picks

Posted on December 28, 2011 by GC Edit

Greenman’s UFC 141 MMA Picks

From Radio to HDNET, Chris Greenman’s UFC and StrikeForce predictions have racked up the highest win percentage among all known and documented MMA experts. The difference is that when you train among some of MMA’s elite, inside information surfaces that don’t quite make it to ESPN, FOX, Spike, and others.

For the last 3 years he is 429 correct and 68 wrong, that is 86.5% for those of you can’t do the math too well.  We finally will publish as a service to our viewers.

 Chris Greenman’s IFC 141 picks

Sorry guys I went 2-2 this UFC, it happens overall record is still insanely good, so chill

W This was my pick of the year ***** Lesnar – Overeem, Unfortunately I have to bow out and go against the All-American wrestler, Alistair Overeem simply brings in too much diversity

 L Great Fight sorry if you lost money Diaz – Cerrone, I am not a Cerrone fan simply because when I met him at the Arnold Classic behind the exhibitors staff area, he was a punk and I almost had to beat his 150 lb ass.  However, Diaz is even a bigger punk and is no Nick.  Cerrone beats Diaz in this bout.

L This was the surprise like when Sara knocked our GSP, rare very rare –  Fitch – Hendricks, Two world class wrestlers, two great fighters, but experience prevails and Fitch takes home this victory.

W This guy’s style could give Jon Jones some problems  Gustafsson – Matyushenko, Gustafsson 100%, this is a bad matchup for Mr. Henko.

 Assuncao – Pearson, I am actually on the fence on this one, if I had to pick I would take Pearson, but I betting man doesn’t force bets so I will lay low on this.

 Greenman’s latest UFC 140 Predictions results – 4 – 0 “This is a free service I offer anyone that follows my stuff, so if you’re in Vegas you can buy me dinner or something email me and ask about my Pick of the year”


One response to “Greenman’s UFC 141 Picks

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for your Pick of the Year, Chris. It was my biggest bet of the year, and it was great that the outcome was never in doubt as Overeem dominated the way you said he would.

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